DC to Relaunch "Teen Titans" in July

Take a look at the latest details behind DC’s upcoming relaunch of “Teen Titans.”

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DC is calling a mulligan on Teen Titans. After 2011’s Teen Titans relaunch floundered with readers and critics, the company is going back to formula with a brand new volume of the book this July, according to Newsarama. This new Teen Titans will be written by Will Pfeifer with art by Kenneth Rocafort, replacing writer Scott Lobdell from the previous series.

In an interview with the site, Pfeifer described the decision behind yet another reboot of the series:

But even more importantly, that #1 lets the reader know that this isn’t just a continuation of the other series. Yes, the Titans are the same heroes, and no, we’re not going to kick things off with a year of origin stories, but we are heading in a new direction and exploring some new themes.

This new start for the team will also see a new roster being assembled, including the likes of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy. Pfeifer also hinted that members of the Superman and Flash families might also find their way into the book.

Take a look at the cover for Teen Titans #1 by Kenneth Rocafort below:

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