Dave Chappelle on Katt Williams' Cedric the Entertainer Remarks: 'He's Old, He's Fat, Leave This N***a Alone'

During a recent stand-up, the D.C. born comedian joked about Williams viral 'Club Shay Shay' appearance.

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Dave Chappelle treated fans to his take on Katt Williams' Club Shay Shay interview during a recent stand-up.

The Dreamer comedian was a surprise guest during a stop on Deon Cole's comedy tour this week, where he spent most of his segment on Williams.

"I love a lot of people, but I love Katt more than most people, and that n***a is wild," Chappelle said in footage captured from the show.

"Alright, alright, "I'm at war with the Illuminati, too, but what part of that war is ethering Cedric the Entertainer?" Chappelle joked. "'I'm gonna dismantle the Illuminati, and I'm gonna start with Cedric the Entertainer!' Ced's a good dude. He's old, he's fat, leave this n***a alone."

Dave Chappelle finally reacts to Katt Williams Interview 🤣🤣
“I’m at war with the Illuminati too, but what part of the war is ethering Cedric The Entertainer? …Cedric that dude. He’s old. He’s fat. Leave this nigga alone.”pic.twitter.com/zo3NJeqiJX

— Kollege Kidd (@KollegeKidd) January 19, 2024
Twitter: @KollegeKidd

Chappelle also referenced Williams' diss towards Steve Harvey, alluding that the Family Feud host "doesn't do" comedy anymore. In attendance at the show was Deray Davis, who agreed with Marlon Wayans claim that Williams' viral moment was "good for comedy." "No, shut up, n***a," Chappelle responded.

"You know why I disagree? Because I put a special out the same day. It was fine. And this n***a came out [and said], 'I read 6,000 books ... what the fuck is you talking about?"

Chappelle's latest Netflix special was released on Dec. 31, but Williams' remarks on Cedric the Entertainer, Harvey, Kevin Hart and other comedians trended shortly after the Club Shay Shay episode dropped. To date, the episode has 52 million views after premiering on Jan. 3.

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In the nearly three-hour chat, Williams alleged that Cedric stole material from him, that Harvey "hated on" Bernie Mac and Mark Curry, and that Hart was an "industry plant."

Cedric, who denied Williams' claims during a previous Club Shay Shay episode, also discussed the allegations while attending the 81st Golden Globes.

"It's an interesting time now," Cedric told Entertainment Tonight. "People get on these blogs and they just start spewing off stuff that's not even factual. I let the fodder just go out there until I'm ready to respond to it. I am who I am. I stand on that for sure."

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