Brian Cox Narrates 30 Years of ‘Tekken’ Storyline in Incredible Clip: ‘What the Hell’s a Devil Gene?’

Featuring 32 characters, 'Tekken 8' launches on Jan. 26.

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Tekken got Succession star Brian Cox as the perfect narrator for its comeback.

In a five-minute video posted on Tuesday, Cox, 77, gave "The Story So Far" about the Tekken franchise, offering an explainer about the fighting video game franchise, which began in 1994. In time for its 30th anniversary, the 10th overall installment, Tekken 8, will hit on Jan. 26.

Cox effortlessly stuck to the script, regaling fans with the Tekken saga and not missing a beat. "Every single fight, no matter how big or small, has a story behind it," the actor assures viewers. "There's one hell of a story to tell. ... But how did we even get to this point? What the hell’s a Devil Gene? And why do these fathers and sons keep throwing each other off cliffs?”

If you need a shorter summary, here's one that Bandai Namco shared in a press release. "In Tekken 8, as 'The Dark Awakens,' Kazuya Mishima’s vision of hell on earth is now threatening all of humanity," the statement reads. "After Heihachi’s defeat, the world has descended into chaos with Kazuya’s power growing and his G Corporation wreaking worldwide havoc. The only one who can stop him is his own son, Jin Kazama, but only if he can reignite the unspeakable power of Devil Jin that runs through his veins."

The Scottish actor has kept himself booked since wrapping up Succession after four seasons last year. Cox was the face of Kith's Fall 2023 campaign, out-dressing us all in autumn-ready gear.

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