Some Marvel Fans Mistook Common NYC Coffee Cup for Having Secret MCU Link

Some Marvel fans are trying to make connections between the standard NYC takeout coffee cup being in multiple MCU shows and movies based in New York City.

greek nyc coffee cup marvel

Image via Untapped Cities

greek nyc coffee cup marvel

If there’s one thing Marvel stans are great at, it’s finding easter eggs and hidden meanings behind even the most mundane objects that appear in MCU properties, but this time they might have gone overboard when trying to deduce the hidden meaning behind standard NYC coffee cups appearing in several different Marvel movies and shows… based in New York City.

One MCU fan pointed out that they noticed the standard-issue NYC takeout coffee cup (the one that reads “We are happy to serve you”) on the dashboard of the Tracksuit Mafia’s car in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. The cup is also present in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man 3, and other Marvel-related shows and movies.

However, the coffee cup doesn’t seem to be some deep-cut easter egg that connects all of these films. Instead, it’s just a regular cup carried in almost every corner store and bodega in the city, which is likely why it appears in series that take place in NYC.

Most of the time, Kevin Feige and company do a great job at hiding clues in movies and shows, like incorporating specific comic book numbers on license plates to pay homage to the source material, but this, as many people online have pointed out, is probably not one of those instances.

You can check out what people had to say about some Marvel fans thinking they cracked the code of the standard NYC coffee cup down below. 



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