Ukraine Is Now Trying to Fund Its Military Via Text Message

It's working... somewhat.

Image via Turner

Now that Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, the country is now trying to raise money for its military to stop any other threats from Vladimir Putin.

In order to raise the funds, the country is letting Ukrainians donate from their phones. They can automatically submit 5 UAH, the equivalent of 49 cents, by texting or calling a designated phone number. So far, it's working better than you may expect (but maybe not well enough.) The fundraiser has been able to raise over $375,000 for the military, by marketing on its website and Facebook page. Though Ukraine has giving up Crimea and isn't planning to start war to win back the territory, it may be smart to be prepared for any further aggression from Russia. Though, in war, $375,000 may only be good for less than a day.

[via NY Times]

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