Student Records Teacher Cursing at Class, Bragging About His Dick

Somehow he hasn't been fired yet.

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A casual swear word here or there can make you the cool teacher, but this middle school teacher in Dallas took things a tad too far by bragging about his dick. One of his sixth-grade students recorded his bizarre rant that started with a casual "If you don’t give a fuck, then I don’t give a fuck" before getting real weird. 

"Some people’s dick, they only go that far," he said. "My dick goes all the way to that fence. I'm gonna show you what a dick is. I'm gonna dick your ass over."

Yeah, definitely too far. The student showed the footage to her mother, who then brought it to the school's principal. The principal asked her to delete the video, prompting her to bring it to the local CBS affiliate instead.

"I want him to be out, and I don’t want him to be at any school," the mother said. 

A spokesman says the teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave but hasn't released his name. Depending on how far away the fence was from the teacher during his rant, he might have another career in porn. 


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