A Narc Found Psychedelic Mushrooms Growing at Buckingham Palace

It could have been someone's stash.

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Gardening expert Alan Titchmarsh is a total narc. While filming a show at Buckingham Palace the host found a form of psychedelic mushrooms growing. Instead of keeping them for himself or giving them to someone in need, he aired out the shrooms on the show, saying "I won't be eating any of that." 

Professor Mick Crawley was also on the scene to give a little bit of information about the Amanita muscaria, which is different from the more common kind of shrooms containing psilocybin. When asked if the mushrooms were edible he said:

"That depends what you mean. It’s eaten in some cultures for its hallucinogenic affects. But it also makes people who eat it very sick. The old-fashioned thing to do was to feed it to the village idiot, then drink his urine because you get all of the high without any of the sickness."

 Alright, maybe we jumped to conclusions. Perhaps Titchmarsh is just old-fashioned. 

"I think I’ll forgo that and stick to normal mushrooms," Titchmarsh added. "Not something to try at home."

Err, we were right. Total narc. 

In response to the discovery a spokesman from the palace had to come out and say, "For the avoidance of doubt, fungi from the garden are not used in the Palace kitchens."

Translation: "No, the Royal Family isn't doing boomers."


[via The Telegraph]

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