Reddit Has Found the Loch Ness Monster of Easter Eggs in "Grand Theft Auto V"

We've just crossed over into X-Files territory.

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While Grand Theft Auto V is now single-handedly responsible for most member of the Complex staff no longer having any sick days left, the game has barely given up all of its secrets.

The Easter Eggs, hidden gems, and hunted rumors continue to be searched for and we can expect more discoveries in the months to come. The diligent insomniacs at Reddit may have just cracked one of the largest and most persistent myths in the GTA series. The existence of Bigfoot in Rockstar games have been rumored since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption, but it seems that we now have confirmation of the existence of the mighty sasquatch in Grand Theft Auto V.SPOILERS BELOW

Bigfoot can be spotted on the mission "Predator" in GTA V. The footage, photo, and description come courtesy of Redditor OscarTheSwede. 

"So in the mission where Franklin are chasing after three guys that Trevor wants dead, they crash in a forest. Michael and Trevor arrives at the forest with a helicopter so Micheal can shoot them from the air with a sniper rifle. [...] If you aim almost as far as possible to the right bottom corner you will see Bigfoot. Use the thermal to spot him and make sure that you don’t put your sights on him, because he will disappear then. If you want to get a good look at him, zoom in as far as possible and keep him in the corners of your sights. He won’t disappear then."

Now only if we can hunt Bigfoot down, skin him, and sell the pelt. Did this work for you? Get at us and let us know.

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