You'll Never Have to Go Outside Again: Taco Bell Might Test Home Delivery

CEO of Yum Brands announced that Taco Bell and KFC may test out home delivery near college campuses.

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You know all those times you've wanted a Doritos Locos taco (or three) to magically appear in your hands? How about the Chalupa Supreme? Well, those times may soon be over, my friend—because Taco Bell and KFC might be testing out home delivery in the near future, according to Fortune.

We've reported on this before, but now it's coming from the higher ups. Chief Executive Greg Creed of Yum Brands (the umbrella under which KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut exist) said there is "potential" for food delivery in each of the three chains, and that Taco Bell is special because it could be a "a massive sales driver for the brand." That's another way of saying that people really, really love fourth meal. 

And the kids who love fourth meal the most might be getting it sooner: Creed said that what they want to do is "get into a test, probably a couple of stores near a couple of college campuses."

They are also ready to capitalize on students' habit of snacking under the influence: Creed suggested that deliveries are more likely to occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (because of the demand) than say, mid-afternoon on a Wednesday. Taco Bell is not fooling around, you guys. 

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