Justin and Hailey Bieber Keep Winning At Halloween With Flinstones Costumes

A visual trip through Justin and Hailey's Halloween costumes.

Justin Bieber/Instagram

Once again, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have gotten people talking with their Halloween costumes.

This year, the pair posed as Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles from The Flinstones on their Instagram pages. But it's not the first time they've turned heads with their Oct. 31. Justin has also been Spider-Man, and Hailey recreated Scary Movie's most iconic scene with Carmen Electra.

You can watch some of Justin and Hailey Bieber's most famous Halloween fits below.

They also sometimes go out to Halloween parties wearing non-matching costumes, like Justin wearing a snorkel for some reason.

Hailey also recently talked in an interview about their mismatched styles, since he's known for dressing down for the occasion and she's usually dressing up.

Here are some other Halloween outfits they've worn.

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