Netflix Announces 'Jessica Jones' Second Season, Announces Premiere Dates for Additional Shows

'Jessica Jones' will return for a second season.

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While there were very few doubts that Jessica Jones was a hit, we were unsure of what exactly Netflix planned to do with the series and all the other Marvel shows it has planned. With season two of Daredevil about to premiere, we're pleased to also report that Netflix has picked up Jessica Jones for a second season. In addition to that, the site has also announced premiere dates for additional upcoming series. 

Season one introduced us to the titular character, played by Krysten Ritter. A former superhero, Jessica Jones has been left traumatized by a mysterious incident and, in the beginning of the series, is trying to get her life back together. She's closed herself off to most people and opens a detective agency to make ends meet. That is until the man who ruined her life returns.

Jessica Jones will return for a full 13 episodes on Netflix. While a release date has yet to be announced, we can assume it's going to take some time. Meanwhile, the new season of Daredevil will be available to stream on March 18th. Also, Luke Cage, which stars Mike Colter, will make its way to Netflix sometime in 2016 too. 

It's unclear if the plan is still to have all these Marvel shows merge at some point, but until we know more we're just glad for more J.J.

Netflix has also announced premiere dates for the following shows:

FlakedMarch 11
The Ranch April 1 
Lost & Found Music Studios - April 1
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - April 15
Kong: King of the Apes - April 15
Marseille - May 5
Grace and Frankie - May 6
Word Party - June 3
Stranger Things - July 15
The Get Down - August 12

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