Real-Life Superhero Ryan Gosling Saves a Little Dog in the Middle of a Road

Gosling plays superhero once again.

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Ryan Gosling just can't help but be a hero. The real-life superhero has already saved a woman from being hit by a taxi in New York City and he's helped break up a street fight, also in New York City. (Please look beyond this pattern of bad NYC moments). Gosling, who will co-star with Harrison Ford in the Blade Runner sequel, saves the day again, this time saving a dog from becoming roadkill. 

The Huffington Post reports, citing Entertainment Tonight, that the life or death incident happened in California. Gosling was reportedly on his way to get some takeout while on a trip in Palm Springs with baby mama Eva Mendes (for her 42nd birthday), and their daughter Esmeralda, when the family nearly hit a small white dog. Gosling was caught on camera reportedly "jumping" out of his car to scoop up the little furry friend in the middle of the road. He was then photographed handing off the dog to his owner who was nearby. 

I'd say he's the nicest guy ever, but the cast of the Academy Award-winning The Big Short would disagree.

Gosling is a known animal lover, adopting his dog George in 2001, The Huffington Post reports. He even once called George "the great love of his life." 

Audiences will next see Gosling in The Nice Guys co-starring with Russell Crowe.

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