Ohio's Marijuana Legalization Amendment Goes Up in Smoke

Ohio rejects marijuana legalization at voting polls.

Image via Chuck Grimmett

After today’s election (Yes, there was an election) voters in Ohio have officially decided against legalizing marijuana. Ohioans were voting on issue three to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana through a constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, our neighbors to the North and Ireland are trying to legalize marijuana, with the latter trying to decriminalize cocaine and heroin as well. 

Unlike marijuana legalization proposals of places like Colorado and Washington, which are raking in the green (both kinds) after legalizing marijuana, Ohio’s proposal planned on limiting marijuana growth to 10 farms run by licensed private investors, and famous Ohioans, including former boybander Nick Lachey. The farms were referred to as “Marijuana Growth, Cultivation and Extraction facilities” that had rights to grow weed for commercial use. This meant weed dispensaries would have to purchase from these exclusive investors and many were not pleased with limiting marijuana production to just these one-percenters.

Additionally, the amendment aimed to allow anyone older than 21 without a license to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana, as well as allowing people with a “physician-certified medical condition” to use medical marijuana. 

[via Huffington Post]

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