Here's a First Look at Norman Reedus' "Fun,""Weird," and Sometimes "Creepy," Motorcycle Show

First look at Norman Reedus' motorcycle show gives a glimpse of life on the road.

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Thanks to one fan polarizing cliffhanger Daryl Dixon's fate—or that of anyone else—won't be revealed until The Walking Dead starts up again in the fall. Until then fans will get to see Norman Reedus in his natural state: riding a motorcycle. As we reported last fall AMC gave Reedus his own reality show about motorcycles, traveling, and more. Reedus says the series, for which a teaser trailer has been released, besides being "fun", gets "weird" and "creepy." Remember, Reedus had a fan bite his face, so he knows weird. 

Ride With Norman Reedus, a title he's not sold on, tellingThe Hollywood Reporter he wished it would've just been Ride, will feature Reedus riding around with guests to "bike shops, tattoo parlors, bars, and restaurants frequented by chopper enthusiasts," according to AMC. 

But if you don't know anything about motorcycles Reedus assures you you can still enjoy the show. He toldEntertainment Weekly:

"It's not a gearhead show where we're talking about this and that. There's a little bit of that, but it's more of a journey. I take a person and we go on a journey, and we experience things together. They show me their town on motorcycles, and we explore new towns on motorcycles. It's been a real gypsy-esque adventure that's just a ton of fun."

Besides having fun on the six episode series Reedus told EW things got creepy, which if you know anything about Reedus, is not something he shies away from.

"It's really interesting to me to take someone and go on a ride with them and find out what that person is about, just because of the situations that we put ourselves in," said Reedus. "Some are fun. Some are weird. Some are a little creepy, and it's just been so much fun for me. It's such an interesting concept, the way we're doing it."

Known guests on Ride With Norman Reedus include his The Boondock Saints II co-star Peter Fonda and Paul Reubens best known for "Pee-wee Herman." 

Watch Reedus burn some rubber and give out high fives in the teaser above.

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