Muslim Teen's Fatal Fall off Roof Was a Hate Crime, Allege Friends and Family

A Muslim student's death after falling off a roof is being investigated after hate crime allegations.

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A 16 year-old Muslim student's death after falling off a roof is being investigated by police after friends and family have alleged the student was pushed off the roof and the victim of a hate crime. If proven true the case becomes a cautionary tale of dangerous anti-Muslim sentiments in the U.S. and across seas. We have reached a boiling point.  

The Seattle Central College Student was identified as Hamza Warsame by SCCS in a post on the school’s Facebook page. Warsame died from injuries after falling off a Capitol Hill building roof on Saturday afternoon, the Seattle Fire Department reports. The SFD said medics were called to the "rooftop deck" of a residential building at 3:46 p.m. A cause and manner of death have not been released. Warsame's body was kept for an extra day before it was released to his family, the Americans for Refugees & Immigrants (who hosts a #Justice4Hamza Facebook page) wrote, citing a family friend. According to the them, the body was kept an extra day for "medical purposes." Warsame was buried yesterday according to his brother Ikram Warsame.

Friends and family believe Warsame was the unfortunate victim of a hate crime. Many alleged he had been "beaten by a Caucasian student before being thrown from the roof." In the post previously mentioned the Americans for Refugees & Immigrants wrote, "He went to work on a school project with a classmate and never returned home."

Seattle Central College Students already protested today at SCC and a Seattle Police Department precinct. More protests are expected for tomorrow.  

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