White People: 'Luke Cage' Is Racist

People are calling Netflix's 'Luke Cage' racist.

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UPDATED 10/04/16: Forgetting (or choosing to ignore) that #OscarsSoWhite (as is Hollywood in general), white people are apparently complaining about Netflix's Luke Cage being racist. Marvel's latest show is also its blackest, from its hero and villains to the supporting characters and soundtrack.

For those of you who didn’t help break Netflix after Luke Cage dropped Friday, the show is set in the New York City’s Harlem, a historically black community. Therefore, having a cast of predominantly black and Latino people for the show isn’t outlandish. But apparently it’s racist, according to some Twitter users. One person actually noted the characters are mostly black and asked the tone-deaf question, “Where is the diversity?”

Lack of white people in Luke Cage makes me uncomfortable. This show is racist, how is this on Netflix???
Is it me or the new Netflix. Luke Cage a little racist. Notice it's mostly black where is the diversity. @LIVE_COVERAGE

And this person, who later said the tweet was sarcastic.

im not racist but :/ why is luke cage so political :/ why do they talk about being black all the time :/ where are the white characters :/

To answer that user’s question, actual diversity is still an issue in media. A recent study of the top 100 grossing films of 2015 found that almost 74 percent of characters with speaking roles were white. Out of those 100 films, there were only 14 that had a person of color as a star or co-star.

And because most people know there’s a lack of diversity, Twitter users laid down facts and pulled out receipts for anyone calling Luke Cage racist.

white people who are like "i don't see race" are the same people who are like "why are there no white ppl in luke cage this is racist"
If Luke Cage is a 'racist' show because most of the cast is black, what does that make 90% of all the mostly white shows on TV?
Anyone complaining that #LukeCage is racist must have never seen an episode of Friends.
The same people getting upset about a lack of white people in Luke Cage are in for a surprise when Black Panther comes out.
#LukeCage will not feature White Tears as a villain next season so all u racist white people sit down.

And in case you needed it, here's Luke Cage himself deflecting cries of racism.

Luke Cage

Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker responded to the "racism" claims Tuesday, essentially telling everyone to chill:

We throw viewers into the deep end of the pool of black culture, but don't thrash. Relax. You'll float if you allow it.

— Cheo Hodari Coker (@cheo_coker) October 4, 2016

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