Watch Marc Ecko Discuss His New Book "Unlabel" With Complex Senior Editor Rob Kenner at the Google New York Offices

Words of wisdom from our founder.

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Founder of Complex Media, Marc Ecko, has boundless wisdom to share from his years traversing and transforming the clothing and media industries. Thankfully, all of the stories and lessons learned are a part of his new book, Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out, a guide to personal branding that requires more than empty marketing jargon and half-baked commercial philosophies. 

Marc recently stopped by the Google New York offices to give a talk about Unlabel with Complex Senior Editor Rob Kenner. "Instead of being a book about my greatest hits, it's more a book about my greatest misses,” Ecko says. He goes on to explain how failure in American schools is something we’re taught to be ashamed of, rather than something one can learn from. “In business, success never really looks like an A, and failure never really looks like an F,” he says.

Ecko’s book is out and available now.

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