Russell Crowe Elected Mayor Of "Broken City"

The Aussie actor will join Mark Wahlberg in Allen Hughes' neo-Noir drama.

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

Actor Russell Crowehas signed on the dotted line to join Mark Wahlberg in Allen Hughes' Broken City. The plot revolves around Wahlberg's Billy Taggart, a former cop-turned-private-eye who is hired by the mayor of New York City to spy on the latter's wife, who may be having an affair. After his wife's paramour turns up in a body-bag, a larger scandal begins to surface, and engulfs the gumshoe. Crowe has been voted in to play the duplicitous elected official to Wahlberg's investigator.

The role of his wife has not yet been cast, but allow us to makeafew suggestions. We'll continue to keep you posted as more Broken City news develops.

[via Deadline]

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