Michael B. Jordan Discusses 'Creed II' & Getting in Killmonger Shape | Open Late "The Switch Up" LIVE

During this special ComplexCon 2018-edition of Peter Rosnverg's 'Open Late,' Michael B. Jordan sits down to talk 'Creed II,' Killmonger, and much, much more.

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ComplexCon 2018 truly brought the star-power. One of the biggest celebrities to grace the Long Beach Convention Center during ComplexCon 2018 was Michael B. Jordan, star of the upcoming Creed IIBlack Panther, and Fruitvale Station. After touching down at the special activation for Creed II on the convention floor (and visiting Lena Waithe at the booth for The Chi), Jordan headed upstairs for a special edition of Open Late With Peter Rosenberg.

During their conversation, Rosenberg noted that Jordan wasn't looking like he was in Killmonger or Adonis Creed shape, and wondered what Jordan's drive to be in such fine condition was. Jordan commented that knowing these projects would be seen by millions is among the biggest motivators for him to get in pristine condition for those roles. He also shared that of the Rocky films, Rocky IV was his favorite.

Switching speeds, Jordan also spoke on how his mind was blown seeing kids dressing up as the characters from Black Panther, as well as loving that he could make people show empathy for a character like Killmonger. As an added treat, AraabMuzik brought a replica Killmonger jacket for Jordan to sign.

Araabmuzik having MBJ sign his replica Killmonger jacket. #BlackPanther pic.twitter.com/xfv949URDZ

Jordan also did a special edition of Diggin' in the Crates, sharing his love of artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. You can check out Peter Rosenberg's full interview with Michael B. Jordan during Open Late up above, and for more on Open Late, head over to YouTube.com/Complex.

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