New York Celebrity Jewelry Store Victim of Robbery

Earlier in August, the jewelry shop, Avianne and Co. had made Ben Baller's list of top 20 jewelers of all time.

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A New York-based jewelry store—famous for being a celebrity favorite—was held up by gunpoint during broad daylight.

On Sunday afternoon, at least three men pretended to be customers at Avianne and Co, TMZ reports. They then took out handguns and cleaned the shop out, making off with a number of high-value goods.

According to authorities, the robbers bounded the employees with zip ties before taking everything from the safe and some jewelry from the display cases. According to the owner, around $4 million worth of items were taken in the heist.

Rappers like Blueface, Kodak Black, Big Sean, Migos, Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, Fetty Wap, and more were customers at the shop, often ordering elaborate custom pieces that were worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The men made a clean getaway and no suspects have been arrested yet.

Earlier in August, Avianne made Ben Baller’s list of top 20 jewelers of all time. Avianna came in at No. 6, while Baller ranked himself as No. 1. 

“The greatest jewelers of all time is defined by how big an impact you made in the game. Not how many pieces you made, but how creative and crazy your custom work is/was,” Baller explained. “Also how consistent your game is while always leveling up .... How many jewelers turn down $50,000-$100,000 jobs? How many jewelers inspired other[s] to want to also become jewelers? I think if you can answer those questions fairly then you know who the king is.”

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