Kim Kardashian Jumps on 'Of Course' Social Media Trend, Gives Tour of SKKN Office

The influencer's office for her skincare brand is extremely lavish—but what do we expect?

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Kim Kardashian tried her hand at a popular trend on social media—the “Of Course” video.

The business mogul took to her TikTok on Wednesday to share her take, which also doubled as a tour of her SKKN office.

“I’m Kim Kardashian. Of course, I have all my magazine covers covering my walls,” Kim began, as she walked down a hallway plastered with framed images.

Throughout the video, she revealed some of her wild accoutrements, including a mannequin with custom measurements, a huge TV wall displaying her beauty product campaigns, 3-D models of her brain and private jet, and her tanning and red light beds.

Kim also showed off her “product shrine,” the fact that her whole office is “custom Rick Owens,” and shared that she’s launching lip liners in “15 different nudes.”

While it's unclear where or when the "Of Course" video began, the trend is straightforward. The person in the video says, "I'm _____. Of course, I _____." They then joke about stereotypes or perceptions that have to do with who they are—case in point: being a Kardashian—or what they do.

One of the more viral "Of Course" TikToks was made by teachers in their classrooms, who made fun of the kinds of things teachers are known for, including decorating their classroom, going to bed early, and their ability to walk backward.

Kim posted her “Of Course” video on her personal TikTok account, but her other account with 10-year-old daughter North West is even more popular.

In November, North went viral for honoring her mother by recreating a very Y2K photo of Kardashian and Paris Hilton taken at the airport. In the photo series, North wore dark sunglasses, a tracksuit, and carried an oversized bag, while her friend wore a striped tank top, jeans, and a beret. And the pièce de résistance: the post was soundtracked with Kim’s 2012 single “Jam (Turn It Up).”

North also went viral in October when she uploaded a TikTok of her dressed as the bear mascot from Kanye West’s Graduation album. She took several videos, using sound clips from Ye’s hits like “I Wonder,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” and Estelle’s “American Boy.” 

Kim previously gave a tour of her offices last year. Check out the video below

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