Ye Calls Kai Cenat an Industry Plant, Slams Him for Mentioning Daughter’s Name: 'That Don’t Make God Happy'

Last month, West lobbed angry messages at Cenat after he tried on oversized Yeezy pants on his Twitch stream.

Kanye West in a black jacket, and Uzi Vert wearing a pink hoodie with a plush hat, both at an event
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Kanye West in a black jacket, and Uzi Vert wearing a pink hoodie with a plush hat, both at an event

Kanye West is still at odds with Kai Cenat.

"If you posting something negative, you sit on the wrong side of the future ‘cause we out here stepping away from Adidas,” Ye told Justin LaBoy on The Download. The Donda rapper then mentioned Cenat by name and call him an "industry plant," adding, “He gonna talk shit about my pants.”

“So he’s an industry plant?” LaBoy asked.

“Of course!” Ye exclaimed. “That exact genre is the most industry plants. It’s about influence and mind control. And then he gonna mention my daughter’s name a week later. N***a, don’t mention my daughter’s name and then you dissing what’s paying they $200,000 a month child support. … Don’t mention this and then mention my daughter name. It be that kinda shit where I’m like that don’t make god happy.”

Ye called Kai an "industry plant" after his clothes from Yeezy didn't fit correctly on stream.

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) April 23, 2024
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In early March, Kai took to his stream to reveal that North West told him he’s her favorite streamer.

“North told me that I’m her favorite streamer or content creator. And that’s huge, bro,” he said in a clip. “I literally don’t know if Ye knows who I am and what I do.”

Kai Cenat says that North West told him that he is her favorite streamer‼️👀

— RapTV (@Rap) March 2, 2024
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It appears that Kai’s remarks about North preceded him trying on the much-talked-about oversized Yeezy pants on his stream. In mid-March, Cenat unboxed the merch on Twitch and tried on the items he was sent.

"N***a!" Cenat shouted dramatically as the Yeezy pants dropped to his ankles. "Bro, this shit is not fitting me, bro!" He continued, "Bro, you supposed to send a extra extra small…. not an extra extra large! The fuck am I supposed to do with this shit?"

Kanye West sent Kai Cenat the wrong Size Pants😭

— Domain (@domainsdomain) March 16, 2024
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When West caught wind of Cenat’s commentary, he wasn’t amused. "Don't make no jokes about my clothes…When you ain't saying nothing about what Adidas is doing…When Vultures song came out you ain't play my verse…You controlled. Don't play with me,” Ye wrote in an Instagram DM.

The pair went back and forth, with Cenat insisting that “no jokes were made.” But Ye just doubled down on his first message: "So you ain't do nothing wrong? So I felt this way for no reason?" he asked. "Fuck you n***a. You was told to diss my shit. You a pawn."

Kai Cenat reacts to Ye’s message.

“What the f*ck did I do?”

— Complex (@Complex) March 16, 2024
Twitter: @Complex

Kanye West Manager “John Monopoly” tries to lil bro Kai Cenat while trying to resolve the whole situation going on! 💀😂

— Kai Mafia Updates🗽💫 (@Kaimafiaupdates) March 16, 2024
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