Jeannie Mai Wants to Delay Enforcement of Jeezy Prenup, Says She Had Short Window to Review Before Signing

The talk show host claimed she and Jeezy only began the prenup process five days before their wedding.

Thestewartofny / WireImage

Jeannie Mai wants to take another look at her and Jeezy’s prenup.

TMZ reports that the talk show host said she didn’t have an adequate amount of time to examine the contract before she signed it. She requested that the court either toss out Jeezy’s motion to administer the prenup or delay enforcement until she can learn more about what’s in it.

Court docs show that Jeannie Mai claimed she and Jeezy only began the prenup process five days before their wedding, so she wasn’t able to fully assess the document. She essentially wants to ensure that the agreement was fair for her, explaining that the short amount of time she was given to review it "raises significant concerns about the adequacy and thoroughness of the due diligence process."

Mai also apparently has “significant reservations” about Jeezy’s finances, with her lawyers claiming her ex only shared one personal financial statement with them, which didn’t seem to be sufficient for her.

The former couple’s divorce has become messy. Most recently, Jeannie suggested Jeezy was unfaithful, which he vehemently denied. "Real n***s don’t cheat,” he told Nia Long in November.

The rapper doubled down on that sentiment a month later, with his representative telling Us Weekly, "Any claim of infidelity on Mr. Jenkins' behalf are 100 percent false and we have no further statements at this time.”

In December, it was revealed that there could be ramifications if either party cheated. There appears to be a clause in the prenup that any act seen as infidelity will result in the person engaging in the behavior being hit with “a significant financial penalty.”

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