Comedian Lauren Knight on Feud with T.I.: 'The Beef is Squashed'

Comedian Lauren Knight told TMZ that the 'beef' between her and T.I. is 'squashed. The pair got into a heated exchange when she was doing stand-up at a club.

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Lauren Knight, the comedian who T.I. reamed in a video for mentioning his sexual assault allegations during an open mic at an Atlanta club, has revealed that “the beef is squashed” between them.

“First of all, I think he overreacted,” Knight told TMZ. “This is just about good comedy etiquette—if you’re a comedian you already know what we do is difficult. So coming to a show as a comic, which he is, he’s already famous as a rapper. But you’re here as a comedian and heckling me, it’s just bad comedy etiquette… I mean look, everybody laughs at every Bill Cosby joke, every R. Kelly joke, all those jokes as long as they’re being told by men.”

She explained that she doesn’t think she “went too far” but that he “got upset because he didn’t expect that response from me.” She said that they “sat down” and “talked about it”—and asked that the people who are defending T.I. and sending her death threats “just leave me alone” because he “said he was wrong.”

Last week, video surfaced of the two getting into an exchange at Our Bar ATL, after Tip was heckling her from the crowd. In fact, the heckling was so bad that Knight apparently brought up sexual assault claims against the rapper and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, which prompted Tip to confront Knight. 

T.I. denied the accusations and stressed that the case was dismissed in a Los Angeles court. “There was no fucking crime. There is nothing to charge me for, or my wife,” he said into the mic.” Knight and T.I. later settled their differences, with Knight, at one point, saying she believes in the couple’s innocence.

It seems that T.I. is trying his hand at comedy, though it hasn’t exactly gone well. On Saturday, the rapper was booed when he performed stand-up for the April Fools Comedy Jam at Barclays Center.

Still, Knight says she “absolutely” believes he has a future in comedy. “Actually, that night he made jokes about the word allegation and I encourage him to keep going forward and doing that. Listen, comedy is for everybody. That’s the fun thing about it, which is why a part of the reason I love it so much and part of the reason I defended the way I defend it, it’s for everybody.”

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