Enjoy Another Glorious 'Wheel of Fortune' Screw-Up

A man misread “Flamenco Dance Lessons” as "Flamingo Dance Lessons."

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While Wheel of Fortune has seen its fair share of unbelievable winning streaks over the years, there have been a number of flubs too.

On Monday night, a contestant named Jonny had solved the puzzle “Flamenco Dance Lessons,” only to screw up the finished answer when reading it out loud. Instead of saying “flamenco,” he said “flamingo” and lost out on $7,100.

A lot of utter confusion washed over his face when host Pat Sajak then asked another contestant, Ashley to read the puzzle for $1,000. After she solved it, Sajak then explained the show’s mispronunciation rule, assuring Jonny that the play would be reviewed during commercial break.

Sajack found that Jonny indeed had said “flamingo,” though the $1,000 Ashley won for solving the puzzle was also retracted.

Jonny shouldn't feel so bad, particularly because he's not the guy who misread the solved puzzle “A Streetcar Named Desire” as “A Streetcar Naked Desire.” Other mistakes from the past include one from June 2017, when the show was under fire for allegedly depicting slaves during a “Southern charm week” episode; and another time in 2014, when a Wheel of Fortune answer was so bad, Pat Sajak walked off the stage.

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