Amanda Seales Suggests She Paid Boldy James' Probation Fees, Recalls Dating Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T

Fans even point to Boldy James’ lyrics hinting that they dated.

Four artists on stage in separate events, each engaging with the audience
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Four artists on stage in separate events, each engaging with the audience

Amanda Seales doesn’t have a shortage of stories.

In her recent appearance on Club Shay Shay, the comedian and actress spoke on how much she’s helped former partners, suggesting that she was intimately involved with Boldy James.

“If I hate Black men, I want a refund, Shannon,” she told Sharpe. “You know how many brothers I have lifted up? I want a refund!"

"If I hate Black men, I want a refund." - Amanda Seales

— Club Shay Shay (@ClubShayShay) April 30, 2024
Twitter: @ClubShayShay

She continued, “I’ve done paid probation fees because n***as could rap and I want them to be able to live in their talent and their truth. I done spoke to a damn P.O. [probation officer] to vouch. Boldy James. And you owe me money.”

While the true nature of their relationship remains unknown, Detroit rapper alluded to it on his 2021 song “Guilty,” referring to Seales as Miss Wilburn—her character from My Brother and Me.

“Hunnid a G, ‘member I got fronted the key / ‘Fore the bag came, my gas tank was under the E / Life took a ill turn on that Sunderland spree / Now I’m fuckin’ Miss Wilburn from My Brother and Me,” he raps.


— CDC Mexico (@sushiboyMEXICO) May 2, 2024
Twitter: @sushiboyMEXICO

Elsewhere, Seales touched on dating other famous MCs, including Pusha T and Lupe Fiasco. “As you can see, the rappers that I have dated are very great MCs, because I have high quality," she told Sharpe.

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