A Year in Donald Trump Fails

We breakdown all the times in 2015 Donald Trump made us think "What the f*#k?"

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When Donald Trump formally announced his presidential bid, it felt like a weird SNL skit. The man behind the hair, the multiple bankruptcies, and a reality show called The Apprentice thought he could lead our country? His unabashed remarks about immigrants—Mexicans, specifically—during his announcement speech were so bigoted and blatantly stereotypical that many brushed him off. This had to be a joke, right?

As 2015 progressed, Donald Trump placed his foot in his big mouth again and again. And again. His agenda caters to the right wing, to scared white Americans, afraid of losing "their" country. Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" has become synonymous with the notion that we should deport immigrants, those who helped to build America with their bare hands. His version of a "Great America" is, quite frankly, scary.

For many of us, Trump's antics were a form of entertainment in the beginning, but now it's becoming all too real a possibility that he could seriously be the Republican candidate as he continues to dominate the polls.

With all that being said, peep the video above for a breakdown of the all the times in 2015 Donald Trump made us think, "What the f*#k?"

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