John Mayer Is Reportedly in Talks to Host 'Later' Talk Show on Paramount Plus

Sources say the Grammy-winning artist is expected to host a weekly series based off the U.K.'s long-running talk show, 'Later with Jools Holland.'

John Mayer

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John Mayer

Expect to see more John Mayer on the small screen.

According to an exclusive Variety report, the 43-year-old entertainer is close to landing his very own series for Paramount Plus—ViacomCBS’ streaming platform, formerly known as CBS Access. Sources say the program will be based off the U.K.’s popular talk show Later with Jools Holland, as it will include musical performances and interview segments “in a setting designed to look like an after-hours club for musicians.”

The show, which will reportedly be called Later with John Mayer, is expected to air weekly on Paramount Plus with occasional specials airing on CBS. There’s also talks of some kind of Grammy Awards tie-in; however, details on the prospective series remain scant, as CBS and Mayer have yet to comment on the report.

The Grammy-winning artist has landed multiples TV gigs throughout his decades-long career. In 2004, he hosted a VH1 comedy special called John Mayer Has a TV Show. He was also among the 10 men who were tapped to guest host The Late Late Show following Craig Ferguson’s departure. 

Mayer has also hosted the Instagram Live series Current Mood since 2018. The 45-minute talk show includes musical performances and artist interviews, among other amusing segments. He explained his motives for creating the show in an Instagram Live broadcast back in 2019.

“The show started as a way to fight my own loneliness, and maybe help some other people fight theirs ...” Mayer told his audience, as reported by the Associated Press. “Part of me wanting to do this show is to bring people back to a more human tradition of hearing someone talk, believing what they’re saying, being put at ease, made to feel OK. So set aside some time to be truthful and kind. The world around you is beautiful. The world that is downloaded from the big mother brain in the sky as contributed by millions of people … that’s tiring. We all have to live in there, but let’s live outside the Matrix as well.”

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