Are Amber Rose and 21 Savage Officially a Thing Now?

Amber Rose and 21 Savage reignite dating rumors with another Instagram story.

This is a photo of Amber Rose.
Image via Getty/Earl Gibson III
This is a photo of Amber Rose.

People are pretty convinced Amber Rose and 21 Savage are an item.

On Monday afternoon, Rose fueled dating rumors after posting an Instagram story in which she and Savage shared a kiss while listening to “The Lady in My Life” by Michael Jackson. It’s the latest piece of evidence that points to a full-fledged relationship.

​Just last week, Rose and Savage were spotted leaving a restaurant together and driving away in the same vehicle. We know, that really doesn’t mean shit; however, sources also said the two have spent every day and every night together for the past couple of weeks. And according to TMZ, they’ve already met each other’s families, which leads many to believe this isn’t something casual.

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Let’s take a look at the other pieces of evidence.

Earlier this week, Savage was filmed getting his dreads cut while Rose looked on. Of course, people suspected Rose of influencing this decision.

Amber Rose turned 21 Savage into 21 Sweetheart real quick

— YEAR 20 🐐🦉🇭🇹 (@bradpiff__) July 2, 2017

Savage also shared an Instagram story in which he is seen doting on the model, telling her things like, “I’m so happy I met you. You’re beautiful, even when you’re not trying to be.”

niggas really think a man expressing his feelings to a girl is soft but yall will tell da nigga who gone snitch on you u love him everyday

— Saint Laurent Don (@21savage) July 2, 2017

Not exactly “savage” behavior, but the rapper is making no apologies.

And there was this meme Rose recently posted:


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