Mark Wahlberg Skips Bro Donnie's Wedding; Sends Instagram Post Instead

Mark Wahlberg skipped his brother Donnie's wedding to Jenny McCarthy, but sent him an Instagram post instead.

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Is this some seriously passive-aggressive shade throwing or is it just how the Wahlbergs get down when it comes to family milestones?

Mark Wahlberg did not attend his brother Donnie Wahlberg's wedding to "actress," former Playboy model, and anti-vaccine truther Jenny McCarthy this weekend. 

Instead, he did the next best thing, I guess, and sent his congratulations via Instagram. Burn?


The Instagram video was shot during Wahlberg's daughter's 11th birthday party, according to Gawker, and features Mark Wahlberg's wife, who is apparently not a fan of McCarthy. 

Via TMZ: 

"According to multiple Wahlberg sources, Mark is not as close with Donnie and Jenny as Jenny has made it seem. Or at least, not with Jenny. We're told Mark's wife Rhea did not like a recent interview Jenny gave with Howard Stern where she talked about her relationship with Mark."

Ohh, that Stern interview where McCarthy talked about not having sex for a year and going through "400 vibrators?" What's not to like?

Who knows what to make of it? Maybe they really didn't want to reschedule that birthday party. But also, maybe they definitely probably hate Jenny McCarthy.

Of course, there might not be concrete evidence of that, but Mark Wahlberg has always seemed like one of those very bro-ey bros, the kind who probably hugs his bros a lot and refers to them as bro. His life was the basis for Entourage, the ultimate bro show. He starred in Four Brothers! 

Something is up.

[Via Gawker]

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