Dewitos? Mountain Dew Tests Doritos Flavored Soda

Mountain Dew may be testing a new, Mountain Dew-flavored soda.

Image via Reddit

If shoveling Doritos into your mouth and washing them down with Mountain Dew has become way too much of a hassle, your prayers may be answered. 

A mysterious post appeared on Reddit recently, apparently revealing that Mountain Dew had tested a new flavor of Doritos-flavored soda called Dewitos at Ohio University, because food and drinks, like movies, The Simpsons or sneakers, must now have crossovers.

There were other posts on social media, too, which seem to confirm that this is a real thing and that PepsiCo is run by either an evil genius madman or a 12-year-old boy. 


Personally, I'd rather see a Lays Barbecue chips and Dr. Pepper collabo, but at least we're finally making some progress in the chip flavored soda department.

[Via Daily Mail]

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