Dave Chappelle Uses Technology to Keep People off Their Phones at his Shows

Dave Chappelle is using a startup's technology to create phone-free zones at his shows in Chicago.

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Dave Chappelle isn't messing around anymore. The comedian has banned the use of phones at his stand-up performances for years already, but for his 13 sold out shows coming up in Chicago, he's making absolute sure. 

Chappelle has teamed with technology startup Yondr to create phone-free zones at the Thalia Hall shows, according to The Hollywood Reporter

It works like this: Everyone who enters the venue has to put their phone into a Yondr case. When they enter the phone-free area, the case automatically locks and they can't use the phone. If someone needs to use their phone, they simply step outside the phone-free zone and the case will unlock. 

For Chappelle, the issue is probably not wanting his fresh material to wind up on YouTube, but this could be huge for all types of live performances. When was the last time you went to a concert and weren't surrounded by people who were watching the show through their camera apps instead of actually enjoying it directly?

It appears to alread be catching on at music venues around San Francisco as well, according to San Francisco Weekly.

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