"Terra Nova" Delay Due To Unfinished Dinosaurs

The "Avatar"-y new Fox series will eventually air, once the dinos are ready.

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When you have a television series about time travel and dinosaurs from executive producer Steven Spielberg and co-starring the mean General dude from Avatar (that would be Stephen Lang), you'd likely want to get that sucker on the air as soon as possible. But it's the possible part of the equation that is making things difficult for Fox with Terra Nova.

According to THR, the show was pushed from its planned May debut into the fall because it wasn't finished. In fact, sources say that there wasn't even enough footage compiled to cut together a two-hour pilot. Further, the dino special effects wouldn't have been completed until the day or two before air.

For what it's worth, Fox has brought in editor Ken Horton (The X-Files) to cut together a new pilot, and reports are that the first hour is much improved. But there needs to be more than just one hour of good television produced if Terra Nova hopes to make it. Here's hoping Horton and the production team and find some more great footage in the proverbial couch cushions before the fall.

[via THR]

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