K-Pop Is Coming to Nickelodeon

K-Pop every day.

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Nickelodeon is expanding the daily live-action scripted programming that we've long associated with telenovelas and soaps. (They've even got a few shows from a former General Hospital writer: Every Witch Way and the upcoming spinoff W.I.T.s Academy.) The difference: they're short dailies, ranging from 20-40 daily episodes before breaking. They're not only making daily scripted content over at Nick, but they have to keep it fresh with new programs because their runs last just over a month. As a kid, we definitely would've loved some daily Alex Mack, Kenan & Kel, and Who's Afraid of the Dark? Kids really do get it all these days.

They eye-catching one for their new slate is that Nick Cannon is producing a K-Pop comedy-musical. Per the Los Angeles Times, Make it Pop follows "three girls who are roommates at boarding school who come together to form a K-Pop band and eventually become recording sensations. The series will feature original songs and performances in every episode and was co-created by Cannon." 


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