RTFKT Created an Exclusive One of One Sneaker Based on the New Lexus IS

Lexus tapped creative collective RTFKT to create an exclusive one of one sneaker inspired by its new Lexus IS F Sport its dynamic handling package.

RTFKT Lexus New Lead
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RTFKT Lexus New Lead

For its Rubber & Sole video series, Lexus looked to the RTFKT creative collective to make an exclusive one of one sneaker based on its new 2021 Lexus IS F SPORT with the Dynamic Handling PackageFounded by Zapatio and CLEGFX, RTFKT is the first sneaker brand born of gaming culture, and works with more than 150 3D artists to create its remarkable designs. Unlike other shoe brands, RTFKT’s creations are totally unique, boasting limited-run color changing sneakers made from futuristic materials, as well as digital-only virtual collectibles. With its muscular stance, futuristic headlights, and carbon fiber spoiler, the Lexus IS F SPORT gave the RTFKT crew plenty of inspiration to work with. Stay tuned for the premier of the three-part Rubber & Sole series to watch Zaptio and CLEGFX design a sneaker based on the Lexus IS F SPORT’s silhouette.

RTFKT Lexus New Image 2



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