Steve Harvey Shares His Thoughts on Lori Harvey's Relationship With Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey stopped by 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Tuesday and shared his thoughts on his daughter Lori's relationship with Michael B. Jordan.

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During a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Steve Harvey opened up about his stepdaughter Lori Harvey’s relationship with Michael B. Jordan.

Ellen shared an image of Lori cozying up to her boyfriend, joking, “Look at that, that’s happening in front of you?”

“I’ve never seen that picture before,” Harvey said. “I’m very uncomfortable with that picture right there. I’m not really feeling that picture.”

Steve went on to sing Michael B. Jordan’s praises, telling Ellen that the 34-year-old actor spent Christmas with the Harvey family. Ellen then asked the Family Feud host if Jordan was a good gift giver. 

“That boy comes through,” Steve responded. “He’s trying to impress the family with these gifts. I’m her father, so he brought me this big, 100 cigar box of the most hard to get cigars. 100 of them in this big box! And he gave that to me! He gave my wife some skis. Who do that? The only way you give your potential mother-in-law some skis is because you want her to be your mother in law.”

Harvey added, “At the same time, I got my eye on him. I can’t whoop him, but if he ever turn around, I’m gonna knock his ass out!”

It isn’t the first time Steve has discussed Lori’s relationship with Michael B. Jordan. During an interview with People back in September, Harvey revealed he’s supportive of his stepdaughter’s relationship with the actor, admitting that Jordan is a “good guy” and a “spiritual guy” with a “great family.”

“I don’t speak publicly about this type of stuff, but I’m happy for my daughter right now. I really am,” Harvey said. “It’s the first time I’ve been happy for her [in a relationship]. And it’s the first time she’s been happy.” 

Check out Steve Harvey sharing his thoughts on his daughter’s boyfriend Michael B. Jordan in the video up top. 

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