Ludacris Says Katt Williams' Allegations in Infamous 'Club Shay Shay' Interview Were 'So Laughable'

The comedian told Shannon Sharpe that he and Luda went to an Illuminati gathering, where the rapper was offered $200 million to appear in 20 movies at $10 million a pop.

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Ludacris is once again responding to Katt Williams over the comedian's dubious comments made earlier this year during an interview on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay.

Back in January, Katt claimed Ludacris joined the Fast & Furious franchise in exchange for movie stardom. Williams said Luda was offered $200 million to appear in 20 movies at $10 million a pop.

“We were both invited to an Illuminati thing, and it had to be one or the other of us and decisions had to be made," Katt said regarding the Fast & Furious role that ultimately went to Ludacris. "So it was both of us. We were equal. One of us had to cut off all their hair and couldn't do the sideburn thing no more, with the points. And the next person they said was going to get $200 million because they were going to pay him $10 million a movie to do 20 movies."

Three months later, Ludacris was forced to revisit Katt's bizarre story during an interview on the Breakfast Club, specifically to verify if Williams was ever in the running for the Fast franchise.

"I wouldn't be the right person to ask that question," Ludacris said. "I have no idea if he was offered a role in Fast & Furious. I do know that I saw him at Rick Ross' crib some years back and everything was perfectly fine. But he's a comedian, you know, and he tells jokes, so it is what it is."

Luda continued, “It was so laughable—what he said—to me, I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I took it as laughable because he’s a comedian, and that’s why I kind of responded with some laughable stuff.”

Luda's freestyle response included bars like "they throwing shade ‘cause n***as could never take my shine" and "never been Illuminati, only Ill-Luda-nati."

Watch Ludacris' full interview on the Breakfast Club below.

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