IShowSpeed Takes Aim at Kai Cenat in Freestyle Over Drake's "Back to Back" Beat

The 19-year-old revealed Kai's phone number during the stream.

Two individuals pose separately at an award event, one holding a trophy, both dressed in casual attire
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Two individuals pose separately at an award event, one holding a trophy, both dressed in casual attire

The current conflict between Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Metro Boomin, and Rick Ross, among others, has rubbed off on the streamers, as IShowSpeed took to YouTube on Tuesday to diss streaming giant Kai Cenat.

Over the beat from Drake's 2015 diss track "Back to Back"—produced by Daxz, Noah "40" Shebib, Drizzy, and Nav—IShowSpeed roasted Kai for not getting pussy, among other things.

"Kai, you can't pull Tyla/You dirty-ass n***a you do not pull bitches/I'm sending 5K to a fucking bitch/I never paid for pussy, n***a suck my dick," the 19-year-old streamer raps.

Last week Cenat, 22, said he's being extorted for $5,000 by an OnlyFans creator who allegedly wants "hush money." Kai contends that he's the victim of revenge porn.

Ishowspeed disses Kai Cenat

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) April 23, 2024
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He continued by leaking Kai's number, after accusing fellow streamer Adin Ross of previously revealing his own online.

"N****a, Adin leaked my number/Bitch, here go your motherfucking number," he rapped before showing the contact in his phone. "Bitch, I really don't care/Zoom in, bitch, take a good stare/N***a, I don't give a fuck/You always on my dick, n***a, suck my left nut."

IShowSpeed has been known to leak information related to streamers in the past.

Back in November, Fortnite legend Ninja deleted his Discord after IShowSpeed accidentally shared the link to the former's private server.

Shortly after catching wind of IShowSpeed's mistake, Ninja called out the YouTube personality and revealed the high-profile figures that were included in his private Discord.

"That Discord had Drake, Travis Scott, Marshmello, JuJu, every professional Fortnite player you could imagine," he said. All of the top OG streamers, like fucking everyone, and I had to fucking nuke it because Speed leaked it."

IShowSpeed accidentally leaked Ninja’s private Discord with Drake, marshmello, and many more live on stream

Ninja had to delete the Discord.

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) November 10, 2023
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