Featured Trailer of the Week: Technology Turns Deadly in 'Upgrade'

The digital age reveals its dark side in the new Blumhouse film 'Upgrade', hitting theaters June 1st.

As our daily lives become more and more reliant on technology, it’s understandable to want to get away from it sometimes. But what if your life literally depended on a certain technological advancement—one that you’re not even sure is friendly?

That is the exact scenario Grey Trace finds himself in the new film Upgrade. As a mechanic who prefers the grease and grind of analog automobiles, Grey is pretty dubious of the digital devices that demand the attention of everyone around him. But after a suspicious accident in which he’s left paralyzed, the old-fashioned craftsman has a stem chip implanted in his body by a mysterious tech guru, restoring his power to walk. Unfortunately, the implant comes with a number of unnerving side effects, launching Grey into an action-fuelled battle of man vs. machine, wherein the machine has a mind of its own.

Upgrade is the latest film from visionary writer Leigh Wannell—the mind behind the Saw and Insidious franchises—and was produced by Blumhouse, the team that brought us Happy Death Day, The Purge series and last year’s Oscar-winning Get Out. After taking this year’s SXSW by storm, the film hits theaters on June 1st, but you can get a look at the pulse-pounding trailer in the video above now. Be sure to check out more about the film on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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