Mike Trout and Speedy Morman Go 1-on-1 in the Gamer's Den

It’s no secret that baseball All-Star Mike Trout can get real on the diamond, but have you ever seen him put in work on a PS5 controller before?

It’s no secret that Mike Trout can get real on the baseball diamond, but we wanted to see if he’s got game with a PS5 controller. To see how he plays, Complex linked its own Speedy Morman with Trout, virtually, so the two could kick back and fire up their PlayStation 5 consoles to get in on some multiplayer gaming action. Trout is a self-proclaimed PlayStation fanatic. In fact, the eight-time All-Star is so into gaming that he packs his PS5 console and a monitor wherever he goes to occupy his mind while he’s on the road.  

But gaming can make you sweat. To be on their A-game for this PS5 battle, Trout and Speedy had BODYARMOR Sports Drinks on-hand to stay hydrated with potassium-packed electrolytes—because every real player knows hydration is a game changer. Watch Trout and Speedy get down with PlayStation as they stay fueled up with BODYARMOR Sports Drink. 

PlayStation®5 console, DualSense™ wireless controller and Pulse 3D™ headsets provided courtesy of PlayStation.

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