EarthGang Finds Freedom with Oculus Quest 2 | Play for Real with EarthGang

Oculus partnered with three burgeoning influencers to test out the hype behind Facebook’s new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality system.

Complex and Oculus teamed up to let your favorite artists experience virtual worlds and freedom of movement with the new Quest 2 headset. For those used to traditional console gaming, jumping into the virtual world is next level. We kicked things off with Princess Nokia, Amine was next up, and now EarthGang is stepping up to see what it's like to Play for Real.

The ATL rap duo always thrives on freedom, the freedom to create, the freedom to be unique, and the spiritual freedom to connect with their art. Using their music, EarthGang sonically transports their fans into an alternate universe that pushes them to reflect on their inner selves then return to reality to apply what they learned. So what better time for the Gang to take a trip to another sphere and take on Quest 2.

After experiencing an afternoon in a virtual land of Mini Motor Racing X and Beat Saber Olu and WowGr8 can’t think of a better way to experience freedom in “its purest form” than playing in Oculus’ virtual world. And the two can only imagine what a live EarthGang x Beat Saber concert would look like. 

“To play for real means to go all out and to fully immerse yourself and commit yourself to whatever you’re doing,” says Olu, and please believe he was fully committed to whooping WowGr8 in every game!

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