Here's Why You're a Jerk When You're Drunk

Genes play a large role when you're drunk.

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They say "a drunk mind speaks a sober heart," but a drunk mind might actually make you more of a jerk. While honesty is the best policy, a new study suggests that there may be a reason for being totally rude and out-of-control when you've had one too many. 

A new finding from a Finnish study reveals that genes play a large role when you're drunk. According to the New York Post, when researchers interviewed more than 150 people, they learned that those with certain personality traits and an alcoholic history carried a "genetic mutation" called "HTR2B Q20." The study suggests that people with HTR2B Q20 usually have outbursts and get upset more easily while drinking.

However, according to the research alcohol affects your brains in two different ways. The study found that people with HTR2B Q20 are more easily angered when drinking, and for others, the brain affects people without the "genetic mutation" in a way that makes you happy dance. 

According to the author of the study, Roope Tikkanen, M.D, Ph. D., carriers with HTR2B Q20 have small numbers of brain receptors, and that plays a huge role in behavior, specifically impulsive behavior. Tikkanen also notes that the "genetic mutation" affects about 2 percent of the population.

According to the New York Post, researchers are unable to identify the exact factors or the amount of alcohol that will cause major problems. However, if you do have a history with alcohol problems or get dangerously angry while drinking, it's not something to ignore. 

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