Donald Trump Tweets False and Deeply Racist Crime Statistics, Internet Is Furious

Ugh! Not again.

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The list of reasons to find Donald Trump offensive is ever-growing. The presidential hopeful tweeted an inaccurate and blatantly racist crime statistics chart on Sunday, much to the collective outrage of everyone. He shared the graph just one day (one day!) after a Black Lives Matter protester was physically attacked at his campaign rally in Alabama. 

The factually inaccurate and deeply misleading chart shows that black on black crime makes up 97 percent of black homicides in the United States, which is depicted as significantly higher than white on white homicides. This is, well, wrong. The chart's source is cited as the The Crime Statistics Bureau–San Francisco (which is real), however as New York Daily Newspointed out the city's annual police reports actually end in 2014. Ergo, his "stats" are a load of crap. 

While FBI hate crime statistics for 2014 are not available, the 2013 report is. The FBI reports that 66.4 percent of hate crimes were motivated by anti-black or African American bias and only 21.4 percent resulted from anti-white bias. But we know that even those numbers come with their own set of problems.

Maybe Trump will learn to fact-check next time? It literally only takes a couple of minutes. 

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