Fan Shares Her Experience of Flying Next to Timothée Chalamet

Spoiler: he seems nice.


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Celebrities, they're just like us. 

Provided that you're talking about Call Me By Your Name heartthrob Timothée Chalamet, that is. A star-struck fan took Twitter by storm when she shared her story of sitting next to the celeb on a long flight. 

Y’all nbd just sat next to @RealChalamet on a 3 hour flight and we CHATTED FOR AN HOUR NBD I AM SUPER CALM RIGHT NOW AS EVERYONE CAN TELL

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

After getting over her initial jitters, the fan tried to tiptoe up to the fact that the person in the seat next to her was world-famous. She told the actor that he looked "exactly like Timothee Chalamet." He tried to play it off saying that he gets that a lot. 

flight takes off and head is exploding bc I *had* to know who this dude so 30 mins into the flight, I work up the courage and nudge him and ask “hey you look exactly like timothee Chalamet” to which he smiles and says “I GET THAT A LOT”

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

Eventually, she barrelled through his brush-off and let him know that she knew his real identity. 

HE LAUGHED AND SAID “AYYY YES IT IS, HI I AM TIMOTHEE” and shook my hands and at this point I was basically shook/ stunned and I couldn’t process anything

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

And she got off a series of questions about what it's like to be the guy who hangs out with Kid Cudi on his birthday

List of actual questions my dumb bitch mind asked him that he answered super patiently:
1. Why are you sitting in economy class (he laughed and said how dare you)
2. Have you met Beyoncé (he has not)
3. How is Steve carrell (he said he’s amazing and offered to FaceTime him!!)

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

The discussion turned to The Office and movies that Chalamet is working on. 

the BEST discussion we had was about THE OFFICE and which episode we love ( I said dinner party represent) and we discussed the show and at this point I’m like is my life real, is this a fever dream

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

Actual gif of me walking out of the flight as Timothee, my new best friend says bye and leaves.

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

She even took a selfie for proof.

Idk how one can be this terrible at taking selfies but look out world here I come. Anyway idc just look at his face, this experience has been beautiful and he’s a very nice person (and we might be friends but idkkkkk)

— Alankrutha (@alankruthahaha) February 5, 2019

Take a look at the whole wild story here.

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