Zoë Kravitz Claims Lily Allen Kissed Her Without Her Consent

Allen wrote about the kiss with Kravitz in her book 'My Thoughts Exactly,' but Kravitz says the situation wasn't consensual.

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British pop singer Lily Allen and legacy actress/singer/model Zoë Kravitz might be the last pair of celebrities we’d predict to beef in 2018, but we should know by now to expect the unexpected.

During an interview with Andy Cohen, alongside her Fantastic Beasts co-star Eddie Redmayne, Kravitz claimed the Brit attacked her back in 2014.

You may or may not know that Allen opened up about kissing Kravitz in her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly. In the book, Allen writes about meeting Kravitz through her band Lolawolf and the two sharing a kiss in NYC after partying together. At the time, Allen was already married to her ex-husband Sam Cooper.

When one fan called into the show asking if Allen warned the actress about putting the story into her book, Kravitz shadily replied, “Who’s Lily Allen?”

“If by kissing she means attacking, then yes, she kissed me,” she added. “She attacked me.”

The Big Little Lies star went on to explain that Allen portrayed the kiss as consensual, but that was far from the case. “I don’t think anybody read the book,” she said, dissing the “Smile” singer.

It’s clearly something that still bothers Kravitz to this day. When Redmayne admitted to loving Allen, the actress quickly corrected him. “No you don’t,” she quipped.

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald hits theaters this weekend, she recently got engaged, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the next season of Big Little Lies, so fortunately the actress has a lot of other positive things to look forward to.

The ball is in Lily Allen's court—let's see if she responds.


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