As 50 Cent continues to grow, his television empire—with award-winning shows like Power—continues to expand with his upcoming series Black Mafia Family. 

When talking to HipHopDX, 50 revealed which rappers tried out for roles in both Power and BMF, and who didn’t make the cut. Some of the high-profile rappers who tried out were Quavo, Casanova, and Omar.

“Quavo … he read for one of the characters in BMF; Casanova read for the Omar character in BMF,” 50 said. Pardison Fontaine, a frequent collaborator with Cardi B, also tried out for a Power role

The rapper-turned-producer also explained that while they didn’t make the cut, he still tries to help artists dip into other fields because he understands how oversaturated the music industry has gotten.

“When I came in, you had to work to earn a big enough buzz for the A&R department and so-and-so-on from the music business to sign you to a major record company,” he said. “Your opportunity to be successful was there because you could work and actually make something out of it. Anybody who recorded last night and put their song on iTunes this morning is technically in the music business.”

Power ran for six seasons from 2014 to 2020 and led into a spin-off, Power Book II: Ghost, which just wrapped its first season and is preparing for a second. 50’s upcoming show BMF was greenlit on April 7 and will begin filming in Atlanta this year.