Over the last few years, it's been interesting to see a show like Netflix's Russian Doll or a film like Hulu's Palm Springs flip the time-loop scenario perfected in Groundhog Day on its ear. It's also been inspiring (and necessary) to see The Hate U Give and When They See Us documenting the life-threatening reality of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement to mass audiences. In Two Distant Strangers, which stars none other than Joey Badass (Mr. Robot, Wu-Tang: An American Saga), that trope crosses paths with Black Lives Matter for a truly intriguing tale.

Cartoonist Carter James (Badass) enjoyed the best night of his life, which included spending it with a special woman (Zaria) in his life. Feeling good, he steps out of her building to go take care of his dog and has a brief, seemingly innocuous interaction with a guy walking down the street that turns violent when police officers swarm him, taking his life during their altercation. Suddenly, Carter wakes up again in his special lady's bed, starting the day all over again. As Carter starts to understand what's going on, he starts trying to figure out how to ditch the main officer (Andrew Howard) that apparently has it out for him.

Currently, Two Distant Strangers is "coming soon," but you can check out the thought-provoking trailer up above. For more information on Two Distant Strangers, which is written by Travon Free (and directed by Free and Martin Desmond Roe), check out their official website. Check out some exclusive behind the scenes photos from Two Distant Strangers down below.