It's no secret that the overwhelming consensus holds that Ted Cruz is a terrible human, so when Seth Rogen pointed it out on Twitter on early Sunday morning, there wasn’t much to debate.

“All jokes aside, @tedcruz is a fascist piece of shit,” Rogen wrote.

However, Cruz didn’t take kindly to being called names. He responded quickly, writing, “All jokes aside, @Sethrogen is a moron.” Cruz continued, “It’s your party that believes in govt power: to shut your business, to oppress your faith & to censor your speech. Anyone who disagrees, they try to cancel.”

He added, “BTW, a lot of folks in Hollywood are conservative—& muzzled by the fascist Left.”

The pair went back-and-forth on Twitter prior to this with the feud appearing to have fizzled up on Jan. 21 when Cruz responded to a tweet from MGM that asked, “What was the first film you saw in theaters?”

Cruz replied, “Fantasia. It was playing at a film revival. It scared me; I cried—I was 4. My Mom had to take me out.”

Upon seeing the message, Rogen wrote on Jan. 22, “Everyone who made that film would hate you.”

Cruz fired back on Saturday, writing, “They’re all dead. So I think we’re good. And Walt Disney was a Republican. Even though you behave online like a Marxist with Tourette’s (screaming “F U! F U!” is really, really clever), your movies are typically pretty funny. I’m sure you hate that I enjoy them.”

Rogen responded later that night, slamming Cruz for mocking Tourette’s syndrome: “As someone who has Tourette’s in their family (and also has a very mild case himself), I once again take great pleasure in telling you to go fuck yourself. (Also VERY few cases of Tourette’s manifest in uncontrollable swearing. Most cases, like mine, manifest in twitching.)

Rogen added, “Also you’re a fucking fascist. Shut up and go away,” which led to him repeating his sentiments about Cruz's fascism in the aforementioned tweet.

However, it seems that Cruz doesn’t quite understand what facsism means. The one thing he did get right, though, is that Rogen is pretty liberal. Back in June, as widespread protests against police violence and systemic racism were taking place nationwide, Rogen took to Instagram to express his views, posting an image that read, “Black Lives Matter,” alongside the caption, “If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.”

On the contrary, some of his following responded with “All Lives Matter” sentiments. Fortunately, Rogen wasn't moved by the commentary, diving into the comment section to reply, “fuck off,” “fuck you,” and “You don't deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my shit.”