A famous adage says that the company you keep is a reflection of who you are. When it comes to the creatives who are part of hard seltzer brand Social Club’sCreate the Club’ squad of artists, designers, artisans, and makers, those wise words couldn’t be more true. That’s because Social Club selects Create the Club members from across the country to bring their own creative flavors to its products, specifically seeking to support creators who may have been affected by COVID to help build its brand. 

To that end, Create the Club members represent a variety of disciplines, including illustrators, painters, videographers, photographers, writers, and more. “I think the cool thing about this community is we have all these creators working together,” explains Club member Eric Pagsanjan, a designer and illustrator. “Usually, you are next to somebody working with them, but in this case, we have this huge network of creators that are creating content, and we have this indirect community that we've already built.”

In addition to Pagsanjan, Create the Club recently added videographer and motion designer Jonathan Joiner, illustrator Chiomma Hall, and designer Edward Wycliff to its roster of talent. 

All are multi-hyphenate creatives, pulling from the realms of culture, film, fashion, art, and design to share their crafts with the world. Although they come from different backgrounds, a common dedication to hustle and craft unites these creators. 

“Social Club is about celebrating the hustlers,” says Hall, a queer, Black illustrator who created a series of paintings for Social Club. “Hustling is a large part of being a part of the [creative] community—hustling and being committed to your dreams and your goals.”  

With those ideas in mind, Complex sat down with Hall, Pagsanjan, Wycliff, and Joiner, to learn more about what fuels their art and how they work to uplift their own communities in conjunction with Social Club.