Have you seen the latest OMEN 15 Laptop? It's fire! At the first ever ComplexLand (12/7 - 12/11), check out the OMEN experience for your chance to win that laptop and other great OMEN gear every day.

Here’s how to play: Four OMEN Non-Playable Characters or NPCs, will be scattered across the virtual playground. Three NPCs have clues and one wants the answer. Pay careful attention to what each NPC has to say because they will drop critical hints. Be the first to answer the riddle correctly when you find the fourth NPC and be one of five total winners. Make sure you pay attention and move quickly!

OMEN prizes for the week include the following: OMEN 15 Laptop with a custom Complexland Sticker, OMEN 27i Monitor, OMEN Vector Wireless Mouse, OMEN Spacer Wireless TKL Keyboard, OMEN 15 Transceptor Backpack, and OMEN Complexland T-Shirts.